His Without Reserve
Christian Life

Let’s Talk

          Perhaps it’s been my imagination, but I think chickadees like to talk to me. Over and over again as I’ve walked forest trails or just been a passer-by on a quiet street, I’ve had one or more chickadees come dancing through the air and land just above my head. Immediately they say, “See, it’s me. See, it’s me. See ,it’s me.” Even though I speak Chickadeean with a heavy accent, when I reply to their call with “Chickadee, chickadee, chickadee.” I get a reply. Just coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

          The Lord comes to us at unusual times and in unusual places. He calls. We don’t hear Him. Or if we do hear, like young Samuel, we don’t know how to answer.

          All of us know how to get in touch with Him. It’s called prayer. But few know how “to be at home” when the Lord Jesus is trying to get in touch with us. When He comes close and speaks in His still, small voice, we don’t hear. If our line is busy or we don’t answer, and He leaves a call-back number, will He have to wait till the end of the day? If so, we may miss a pleasure He designed especially for earlier in the day.

          How loud does the Lord have to shout to penetrate the noise we live in every day from morning to night? Even more, how will He penetrate our self-made noise of sin and self-sufficiency? In the days of Isaiah, when God’s people were perverse and “did what was evil in my sight,” the Lord sorrowed in these words: “When I called, no one answered; when I spoke, they did not listen” (Isa. 66:4).

           Some Christians, sad to say, need to have their hearing aids checked, the ones designed for the clear reception of the Lord’s voice. Or perhaps they wear them only for church. In addition, they experience a lot of interference from the “I’ll do it myself” weakness. And how is that? Their minds are filled with how to deal with concerns like these:

          The appointment with the insurance adjuster    

          What to have for the family’s supper tonight

          A nasty confrontation with a co-worker

          Where to get the money for new tires

Our minds flit from one anxiety to another. Not for a second do we think of our Lord and Master. What silliness is this? We know that He has the ability to quiet our nerves and bring peace to our stormy self-talk, yet we choose to continue fingering our worry stone.

          So, what to do? Give the mental tornadoes to the One who calmed the sea. That purposeful action opens space for His voice to reach us. Then while we’re conferring with Him and learning what His will for us is, He’s looking after our swirling concerns.    

          When in life we need the Lord Jesus the most, we’re in no shape to hear His quiet chickadee-like call, “You need Me. You need Me. You need Me.”

          When at last the meaning of our situation breaks in upon us, we sheepishly shut down the volume of the worry channel and turn up the volume of the trust channel. In this pleasantly still moment we hear these calm, comforting words:

          “Let’s talk.”’