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Staying in Character

A man described as the greatest living actor had accepted the role of Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 film Lincoln. One day before the filming was to begin, the director, Steven Spielberg, received a call from this actor. He asked for the filming to wait a year. “It made me mad,” Spielberg said later. (Read more)


 Called to Be Dispensers of Grace

The transaction of gracing others works like this: a short-fused neighbor curses us because our cat doesn’t recognize property lines. (Read more)


 Let’s Talk

The Lord comes to us at unusual times and in unusual places. He calls. We don’t hear Him. Or if we do hear, we don’t know how to answer. (Read more)


 Come Out. Come In

At the beginning of every work day, many Christians leave their home-sanctuary and enter a spiritually suffocating society where the values of Christ’s kingdom are smothered by the demands for . . . (Read more)


 Convenience Christianity

God orders us to obey Him in specific ways, but we choose to modify His orders for the sake of convenience. Then, in order to make everything come out even, we . . .(Read more)


 Listening With the Heart

When the timer went off, its jingle had no audience. Soon a foreign odor invaded Carole’s bedroom, and she flew to the kitchen. Before she got there she knew that it was too late. (Read more)


 Texts on Gracing Others

Let your peace be their peace. (Read more)


 There’s Something Else Amazing About Grace

My heavenly Father believes that even though I am subject to severe temptations and failings, I can come to think about others as Christ thinks about them. Amazing! (Read more)


 Balanced Obedience

Loving mercy goes deeper than simply exhibiting mercy. It means earnestly desiring relief for another person and working to achieve it. This indeed is one of God’s “be like Me” commands. (Read more)


 Comments on Titus 2:11-14

This comment illuminates one of the Bible’s most beautiful passages. Its theme is personal salvation, especially justification and sanctification. It provides the believer wit a clear description of God’s salvation purposes: to have “a people of his own” and to teach His people how to become partakers of the divine nature. (Read more)


 Draw Near to God

The apostle James calls to us urgently, “You are in a helpless condition. You cannot help yourself. Submit to the One who passionately desires to rescue you.” (Read more)


 The Surrendered Life

Part 1. Jesus Challenges a Young Believer

Can a person–especially a youth–“take every thought captive to obey Christ”? This youth accepted the challenge! (Read more)


 The Surrendered Life

Part 2. Transformation for Jesus’ Sake

There was yet more for me to learn about being like Jesus. Is Christianity’s message only that Jesus will help me in all my needs? Or is it also How can I help Jesus with His needs? (Read more)


 The Surrendered Life

Part 3: Developing a Passion to Become Like Jesus

Now I was coming to the hard part. I was ready to have the Lord guide me in what I should do. That was one thing. Carrying out His wishes for me was another thing. (Read more)


 The Surrendered Life

Part 4. Relinquishment: One Small Step at a Time

The idea that I might be trying to serve both myself and Christ in any way struck me like a blow on the back of the head. (Read more)