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         Here are gems from a variety of authors offering penetrating insights on the core topics of this website. In just a few words they capture truths of the Scriptures in memorable phrases or bring to our attention how believers understand these subjects.

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“Conversion is a turning onto the right road. The next thing to do is to walk on it.”
― Charles H. Spurgeon. Internet.

Moral “maturity does not come automatically; it must be achieved. It must feed on straight thoughts and on right feelings responsibly cultivated.”–Interpreter’s Bible, vol. 1, p. 765a, on Gen. 39:7-9.

“Put on meekness. . . . Put it on as the ‘elect of God, holy and beloved,’ because you are so in profession; and that you may approve yourselves in truth and reality, be clothed with meekness as the ‘elect of God’ a choice people, a chosen people, whom God has set apart for himself from the rest of the world as holy, sanctified to God, sanctified by him.”--Matthew Henry, The Quest for Quietness of Spirit, p. 92.

“Repentance must dig the foundations, but holiness shall erect the structure, and bring forth the top-stone. Repentance is the clearing away of the rubbish of the past temple of sin; holiness builds the new temple which the Lord our God shall inherit. Repentance and desires after holiness never can be separated.”―Charles H. Spurgeon. Internet.

“The secret of being thankful is learning to see everything from My [Jesus’] perspective.”–Sarah Young, Jesus Calling,  p. 124.

Regarding sanctification evangelical Christians share the conviction that “believers must express God’s love in practice and devote themselves to the spiritual disciplines, rejecting evil and choosing good.  ‘All agree that the
Bible promises success in their process of struggling against personal sin, through the power of the Holy Spirit’. They all share, too, a passion for holiness.”–Stanley Gundry, pp. 7, 8, quoted in Derek Tidball, p. 25.

“True Christianity consists not so much in what you take from your purse to give to Christ, as it does in how much you take from your heart to give up for Christ.”–F. Donald Yost, 2015 (unpublished).

“Next to the beauty of holiness, which is the soul’s agreement with God, is the beauty of meekness, which is the soul’s agreement with itself..”–Matthew Henry, The Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit, p. 53.

“In one way or another, and to one degree or another, the image of God in which we were formed has become marred and corrupted. Holiness is about the restoration of that image. In his innermost nature God is holy and to be fully and truly human is to conform to and reflect his holiness in our lives.”–Derek Tidball, The Message of Holiness. p. 21.