His Without Reserve

A Word to the Reader

Part 1   The Call to Holiness

Chapter 1     Will Our Memory of the Cross Ever Fade?
Chapter 2     You have a "Call Waiting"
Chapter 3     A Busy Beliver Has Questions for Jesus

Part 2   What Is Holiness?

Chapter 4     No Cholesterol in the Heart
Chapter 5     “I’m Not Dirty!”
Chapter 6     Christ’s Lordship Above All
Chapter 7     The Art of Letting Go
Chapter 8     Bonding With Jesus
Chapter 9     Faith Rules Supreme
Chapter 10   A Change We Cannot Make Alone
Chapter 11   Is Consecration Risky?

Part 3   Why Should I Be Holy?

Chapter 12   It’s a Family Trait
Chapter 13   It’s Not the Summit–It’s the Climb!

Part 4   Joy in Glorifying God

Chapter 14   The Lord’s Joy Becomes Our Joy
Chapter 15   Our Father Is Gathering a Holy People
Chapter 16   “Glory” Means More Than “Brilliance”

Part 5   Becoming Complete in Christ

Chapter 17   Required: More Than One Commitment
Chapter 18   Receiving a Character Transplant
Chapter 19   Growing Into the Fullness of Christ
Chapter 20   My Mind or the Mind of Christ?
Chapter 21   Character Building Doesn’t Just Happen!
Chapter 22   Love and Self-Denial Are Twins
Chapter 23   A High Calling—Gracing Others

End Notes