His Without Reserve

What a Difference!

         The changes of attitude that occur in a developing romance are fascinating to witness. As the two become fond of each other, changes begin occurring in each one’s attitudes about food, music, sports, and even religion. Almost unconsciously they take the approach that it is worthwhile to change for the sake of preserving and building a desirable relationship.

           Now, what about the society we call the Kingdom of God? First, we must be clear that an attitude is not the same thing as a belief. A belief is knowledge-based; an attitude is emotional. Now, to review. Does God have attitudes? Yes, He does. Do sinful human beings have attitudes? Yes they do. Do these sets of attitudes agree?

           They do not.

           Christianity’s purpose is to bring sinful human beings’ attitudes into harmony with God’s attitudes. The steps that God has taken to bring this about have been radical and dramatic. His fixed attitude of selfless love for His created beings in sin has been employed to alter man’s self-destructive attitudes.

           The process that God has made available to alter man’s attitudes is called conversion. Conversion changes the polarity of one after another of a person’s ways of feeling about his total self and his environment. This change is called the New Birth. The ongoing change in attitudes and purposes in a godly direction is called sanctification.

           In approaching the vast array of Christlike attitudes we select humility. Why this one? The two contrasting attitudes of humility and pride describe the gap between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. God reached out to fallen mankind with the attitudes of selfless love and humility. What a difference that choice has made!


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