His Without Reserve

In the King’s Community

           When you and I pray the Lord’s Prayer with others, we mumble the words. There is no mental effort. No spiritual involvement.

           This short prayer is part of the charter of Christ’s kingdom, that is, the Sermon on the Mount. As He preached this sermon in the villages, He was gathering kingdom citizens and teaching them what it means to practice kingdom citizenship.

           In our homes and in our schools, we learn what good citizenship is. Our family and our neighbors put a high value on the qualities of good citizenship, so we are well understood if we ask: “What are the elements in my life and yours that are valued in citizens of Christ’s kingdom?”

           A Kingdom of God citizen works side by side with the King in the work that He is doing. He is not a shirker. He understands the King’s purpose in establishing His heavenly kingdom here on earth. He understands that in certain places the King is providing instruction for new citizens. As time goes on, the new kingdom citizen learns to alter his prayers from: Please satisfy all my needs today, Lord. . . . to What may I do for You today?

           Is this a tiring way to live? Not at all. We have at our sides a divine

Counselor to assist us in solving our problems and to walk with us beside the still waters. Our joy, contentment, and peace of mind never fade.


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