His Without Reserve

A High Privilege

          You and I, as maturing Christians who are citizens of the kingdom of God, are instructed to glorify God: “Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).

          If bringing glory to God were simply to stage in His honor a stunning musical concert with cymbals and fireworks, we would say, “We can do that.” But to glorify God in all that we do–what could be harder? If it means to make God more magnificent–that task is totally out of our reach.

          But if we agree that to glorify God is to make Him more attractive, more appealing, we are ready to step forward and do our part, that is, to think and act as one of God’s people and to set ourselves apart from common maters. Really, to glorify God is to be His public relations agent. It is to make sure that He has a good image in the community.

          We purpose to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in becoming more and more like Jesus, imitating what He displayed while here on earth.

          This is what it means to glorify Him.


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