His Without Reserve

People Will Notice

          It’s something very special, this Godlike love. It’s hard to define but easy to recognize. Here’s what the Bible has to say about it:

          In response to fallen mankind’s tendency to reject godly principles of life, as well as our outright wickedness, God has manifested deep concern for the people He created in His own image. He stretched out His arms in a perilous act of personal sacrifice to protect us. This is godly love.

          For us to benefit from His love we must allow Him to implant the principle of godly love in our hearts. Love for God and love for others are to be the marks of the citizens of His kingdom.

          It is not easy to communicate this love concept. The English word love can refer to a person’s enjoyment of mangoes, to fascination with professional basketball, or to the feeling aroused in a man and woman engaged in an intimate relationship. New Testament writers, using Greek, had different words for our one word. Of the three Greek words usually translated “love” they chose agape (ah-GAH-peh) to convey the lofty principle that motivates God and that should motivate His people to act unselfishly without regard to emotions or reward.

          Now imagine this: God will teach you and me how to love others the way He loves us!


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