His Without Reserve

He Wants to Be Friends Again

         Pulling aside the curtain of history, we are fascinated as we see the interactions between God and the human family. In love He had created us in His image. He wanted us to be His friends and to be able to converse with Him freely.

          As objects of His great joy, our first parents had the capacity to love and be loved in the highest sense. Above all, they were similar to their Creator in their ability to imagine in the spiritual dimension and make accurate moral choices. They were given a Godlike spiritual nature.

          When our first parents turned away from full allegiance to God and gave their allegiance to Satan, their Godlike characteristics were compromised. The human race was crippled. In response our Maker brought forth His what-if plan: He would work with us to regain our right to eternal life and to restore in us the image of our Maker. So when these words of Paul–“Christ in you the hope of glory”–become our unfolding experience, we can be confident that we may indeed experience the restoration of the image of God in us now.


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