His Without Reserve

I Belong!

          God’s People! You and I don’t speak about them today. But the Bible does. Who were they? Are there any of them alive today? What happened to them?

          If we search for answers to these questions, we will experience a rapidly growing awareness that this subject contains many treasures of truth. These treasures of truth, when digested, lead us to embrace the higher life in Christ Jesus.

          In Old Testament times the Lord positioned these people to be witnesses for Him throughout the world and to open their hearts to be an abiding place for the Divine One. No wonder that from time to time a seeking Christian asks, “Who are ‘My People’?” “Are there any in my neighborhood?” And more important, “Should I become one of them?”

          Watch for items in this website and elsewhere about“My People.” They will answer your questions and offer guidance for fulfilling our Lord’s eagerness that each Christian will become one of His people in the highest sense.


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