His Without Reserve

“I’ve Been Trying to Reach You”

          Speech recognition is not new. Sheep have been practicing it from the beginning. In the setting of our walk with God it means being heard when I pray to Him. More important it means that I will I recognize His voice when He speaks to me in a still small voice.

          Over and over again we find in the Bible that a personal relationship developed between a person and God. Usually this relationship consisted of a call and a response, of a promise made and a promise fulfilled, or of a need expressed and the need satisfied. In Egypt the people of God wailed over their terrible plight in slavery, and God responded with deliverance. In another time of distress for God’s people, it was God who called, and then someone replied saying, “Here am I; send me.” A sinner pleads with God for forgiveness and forgiveness is freely given.

         For our benefit and God’s, we the redeemed must interact with God the Redeemer. Those who are saved will be those the King knows. And who will He know? He will know those who have been in touch with Him hour by hour, day by day. They are those for whom He has opened the gate of the sheepfold many, many times.


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