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Because It Pleases Him

           Doing what we’re supposed to do confronts each of us all day long every day, some days more than others. A child in school hears instructions a great deal more often than does a senior citizen living alone. But even he is mentally confronted every day with “Brush your teeth twice a day; see your dentist twice a year.”

           A manager of workers in a factory or business headquarters is well aware of who among his assistants seem eager to please him and which ones don’t care. He’s also aware of those who want to please him because that’s their attitude of service.

           Now, what does pleasing a superior have to do with the Christian life?

           Pick up your Bible. Most of the books of the Bible contain God’s instructions to His people. Whether we look in the Old Testament or the New Testament, we find instruction piled upon instruction. Why is this? It’s because God’s ways are not the same as the ways of His people. The purpose of these Biblical instructions is to provide us with opportunities to be reconciled with our Creator. He wants us to imitate Him not to earn salvation, but because we love Him from our hearts.

          When we choose God’s ways in our lives, with no hidden agendas, this behavior pleases Him very much.


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