His Without Reserve

I’ve been greatly helped and encouraged in the study of the Scriptures and in the development of the interlaced themes of this book by men and women of faith and long experience walking with Jesus. They represent the ministry, the classroom, church administration, the editorial desk, the medical professions, and the church pew. Their keen observations and frank criticisms guided me in relating to many points of view. Their loving encouragement helped me clarify unclear phrasing and become aware of theological pitfalls. They are Jack J. Blanco, Don Jacobsen, Patricia L. Reimche, Ann Richards, E. Earl Richards, and Thomas J. Zwemer. They gave much more than these simple words of gratitude convey.

Above all, I recognize with deep gratitude the presence and aid of the Holy Spirit as I sought to find answers to perplexing questions about holiness and to find attractive language to explain the answers I found. I pray that every reader will grasp without hesitation the Bible’s promises that motivate us to become complete in Christ.

F. Donald Yost
Martinez, Georgia, USA
October 2013