His Without Reserve

Christ's life on this earth-teaching, healing, resisting temptation, and modeling the perfect life-led Him to the cross. As He laid down His sinless life in accordance with the plan of salvation, He provided us with access to reinstatement in His family and eternal life. This was His aim. Another aim of His sacrifice was to open the way for the Holy Spirit to restore in us the image of our Maker. Holiness of thought and action nurtures the achievement of both these goals: (a) it teaches us that as we consecrate ourselves to our Maker we become members of the family of God, and (b) it creates the essential setting for the ongoing transformation of our characters to become like the character of Christ.

With these two functions of holiness in mind, we are now turning our attention to the second meaning of this fascinating word. We are showing from the Scriptures that a Christian who daily sets himself or herself apart for God's exclusive use (chapters 1 to 13) will be prepared to become more and more like Christ. This spiritual growth is described by such phrases as "Christ in you, the hope of glory" and "being filled with all the fullness of Christ."